Looking for playing cards? 7 Deadly Sins Playing Cards – Seven premium Themed Decks – for Party Games & Cardistry available on Amazon now!!!

7 Deadly Sins Playing CardsWe're all sinners, here. What's your guilty pleasure? Are you always longing for something new, something shiny? Do you live to be the envy of the party? No matter your vice, the 7 Deadly Sins playing cards box set will be all the rage at your next Halloween gathering or poker game night. Now, you can visit the unsettling layers of the underworld without paying the carnal price, like Dante centuries before. The stunning illustrations on the card backs were hand drawn by talented artists. Each card set depicts disturbing imagery of sin, cleverly crafted with recognizable references such as the All-Seeing Eye, singing sirens, and much, much more. Standard size decks with 52 cards with the classic four suits. Works great for Texas Hold'em, Poker, Blackjack, Kemps, Goldfish, and almost any other of your favorite card games.7 Deadly Sins Playing Cards

These cards are great because not only are they amazing playing cards, but they are great for collectors, magicians, and cardistry tricks.

There are other great playing cards available like Bicycle Playing Cards, Hudson Playing Cards, Monarchs, Bee, Tally Ho, and Ellusionist. However, I believe 7 Deadly Sins Playing Cards – Seven premium Themed Decks – for Party Games & Cardistry is the best option.

7 Deadly Sins Playing CardsThese fun playing cards are available on Amazon Canada and is sold by Straight Poker Supplies. The price is $29.99 Canadian Dollars and will ship for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member.

Seven Premium Themed Decks

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