Looking for a fun interactive game?  Try Shoot The Poop by Maya Games. 


Shoot the Poop is a new fun exciting game of dunking poop into a talking toilet bowl.

I had the opportunity to play Shoot The Poop and enjoyed every fun filled moment.  The talking tank always has something to say and will cheer you on as you take aim and deploy your stinkers.  Flush the lever and laugh at Tanks funny comments such as “In Coming…  Flush”  “Flush Sound” “Lets Shoot the Poop” “ Oh We Got a Stinker” “Doo-Dooby-Doo-Doo-Doo” “Op that smells” “Oh you guessed it, its time for Shoot the Poop”  and “Hey Did you Drop Something? I ain’t picking it up”


What is included in the box?  You’ll get, 2 Poop launchers, 12 artificial plastic Poops in 2 different shades and the talking toilet bowl. 


The idea of the game is to sink your poops in the bowl before your opponent.  Each Shoot the poopplayer has 6 poops, whoever dunks the most, wins.   I find that this game is fun and it also helps young children develop fine motor skills.   The game is rated for players aged 5 and up.

Shoot the Poop is powered by two AAA batteries.   Demo batteries are included with your purchase, but you’ll need to replace them after a short while. 


There are other Bathroom Toilet Games available, such as Novelty Toilet Basketball Slam Dunk Game, Hilarious Potty Piano, Toilet Time Golf Game, Rope Deck Combo, Novelty Sudoku Puzzle Toilet Paper Game Roll, Magnetic Dart Board, Novelty Toilet Football Game, Hook and Ring Board Game, Poop Puzzle Game, Puzzle Toilet Paper Roll, Bathroom Welcome Kit and Potty Toilet Fishing Game..   Our of all of these games I would rank Shoot the Poop as number 1 and worth checking out!


I purchased mine on Amazon Canada sold by Straight Poker Supplies.  It was $36.99 in Canadian Dollars and qualified for free shipping as I am an Amazon Prime Member.

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